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good generator

This is a good generator and you can use RO or distilled water in this, which I highly recommend for maintaining it and keeping it CLEAN. Tap water will cause the generator to become funky and they can't be cleaned effectively. You can run a second cycle with this, but loosen the cap first to release any pressure! Before you start using this, you have to soak them membrane in water (I do this overnight) and run a few cycles. It will produce more hydrogen the more you use it.

If you drink 8 full glasses of this (double cycles) in one day, that night you will have the best sleep that you have ever had in your life. Hydrogen water does benefit your body in so many ways that I have experienced with achy joints, inflammation, energy.... There are several clinical studies on the effects of hydrogen water that you can google and spend hours reading.

As far as the level of hydrogen the produces, it is low-mid range, but certainly strong enough to be beneficial to your health. Expensive bottles are 4-5000ppb. They usually have 5 minute cycles where this one is only 3 minutes.

TIPS: Always use pure water (RO filtered or distilled) to keep the bottle clean. Never drink from the bottle, ever. Pour it into a glass and drink from the glass. Always keep water in the bottle so the membrane does not dry out.

I've been drinking hydrogen water for a few years now. It is wetter and smoother, but the taste is the same. I drink it for the benefits and I would never be without it.

Worked well, easy to apply, easy to remove

These Transparent Mouth Tape X pieces are used to keep the mouth closed during sleep so you can breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

I got these for 2 reasons. My husband sometimes snores (thankfully not frequently) and I have heard these work well to stop snoring since it keeps the mouth closed. Secondly, there are mornings when I wake up with an extremely dry mouth due to mouth breathing while asleep.

I have not yet use these on my husband, but I’ve tried them myself. At first I had problems with the adhesive not sticking properly, but that was my fault as I had already put on face cream. Once I cleaned my the area around my lips the adhesive stayed on really well. I am surprised that I was able to use the same piece of tape that at first didn’t stick, and it worked through the night. I thought I would have to take a second mouthpiece but the adhesive was really good and that wasn’t necessary.

I definitely thought the mouth tape was comfortable and it did not affect my sleep at all. It was easy to apply, barely noticeable, and was easy to remove in the morning. No pain or discomfort with removal.

I am happy that I ordered these.

Wow! Best Wax Strips Yet!!!

Excellent product! I was so surprised with the amount of hair taken off with just one strip. The clearish strip is another product that I used on the same leg before using this product. The clearish strip took hardly anything off. This product however was great! Will definitely purchase again. Highly recommended for leg hair!

Stunningly realistic

I am super happy with these solar sunflowers. When my daughter came for a visit, she said, “I didn’t realize you planted some sunflowers…they look terrific!” Then, I pointed out to her that they were solar. The flowers are so realistic that it is easy to not see the solar panels. The stalks are well crafted. They endure all types of weather. In the evening, the light looks like accent landscaping lights so the sunflowers continue to give a realistic natural look. There are enough leaves on the stalk to enhance the look. And of course since they are solar, there is no maintenance, although I must admit that one time I started to water them…that is just how realistic they look in the daylight. Depending on their location and access to the sun defines how long they stay lighted, but I have found them to last from anywhere from 5 to 10 hours of lighting. For me, this is an enthusiastic 5 stars!

Vitamin C Face Serum
Denise Soria
Silky smooth

This is by far the best vitamin C I have ever used. It's smooth, it soaks into the skin guickly. My doctor told me to use vitamin C and that the more clear it is the better vitamin c it is. This bottle is completely clear and it smell so good. It's already removed one of my brown spots. I can't say enough.

Great quality!

I love this Vitamin C serum! It's cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free, perfect for my sensitive skin. It feels great on my skin, and I can already see the results! Lightweight and non-greasy, it brightens and evens skin tone effortlessly. Easy to use daily for a radiant complexion!

Vitamin C Face Serum
Elizabeth Riley
Amazing product, highly recomend!!

I have been using Vitamin C serum for almost a month. The packaging was very nice and it even had an expiration date on it which you dont't always see. I absolutely love how it feels! It goes on very smoothly and absorbs quickly. 5 drops cover my face and neck. I do go a bit overboard when opening up the bottle, I don't want to expose it to light. I don't turn on all the bathroom lights and keep it in my cabinet when I open it. 5 drops on the back of my hand and I close the bottle right away. The bottle is solid, not clear glass so the light cannot get at it. If the serum were to oxidize, it would no longer be good, so I am careful. As for fragrance, I barely can smell anything which I think is good. I chose this product because of good reviews mostly. Also it is 15% L Ascorbic Acid which is perfect. Anything above 20% can be irritating. Plus it has Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. Any research you do states a good Vitamin C serum should contain those ingredients. To be fair, I can't say if I notice any difference in my skin YET. You really need a good 2 months to evaluate a new skin product in my opinion. I have always used Vitamin C in the morning to help protect my skin throught the day. I use Tretinoin at night and I don't want to layer them together in the same routine. The price for this product is very reasonable so give it a try! So far, I am very happy with this product!!


So I bought this for a dear friend of mine that plays in gardens and landscaping for a living, isn't she lucky LOL! She loved it!!! It was super lightweight and came with the cord and a hook to hang the plant. The pot itself is fairly small, so either a tiny potted plant or maybe a air plant would be ideal for this planter. Either way she really loved it and the cheerfulness of the item really reminds me of her. I plan on getting a few for myself, once I find the right plant. Thank you for this bit of sunshine that this brought to my friend and me.

Beautiful Yard Decor

I got these to put in my yard to brighten the path at night. During the day they look beautiful, but at night they really light up and look wonderful. I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments from my neighbors! They stay lit well into the night. I love these flowers.

Super cute lights

These are super simple with so much beauty! They charged by the sun all day and worked night and bright come dusk! They came with steaks for the ground and it was easy to assemble.

Beautiful spring solar flowers!

These solar flowers and leaves were very easy to bend and shape into how I wanted them to look. Just don’t over bend. The lights are bright, making the changing colors very vibrant. I would love to get more of these. A great value for this set of 4. There were no issues with them charging.

Beautiful lights!

I really love solar lights in my garden/yard at night, and of all the ones I've tried, these are among the prettiest! Very quick charging (I didn't set them out until mid-afternoon), and the light stayed nice and bright all night long. The stems bend easily, so you can make them as full as you'd like, or slimmer if you're slipping them between other plants. Even my husband remarked on how pretty they are, and called me to the door to look as soon as the sun went down. Very happy with these solar flowers!

Beautiful Solar Flowers!

The lily solar flowers are so beautiful at night. They are changing to 7 colors, which make them so elegant to look at. The solar panel is good enough for the light to last at most of the night. The package comes in 4 different flower colors, so I blend them well with other flowers in the garden. Installation is easy, just turn on the solar power and plant the stakes to the ground. The price is good for these decorations as well.

So vibrant

The Solar Garden Lights have added a charming touch to my flower garden at the front of my house. This 4-pack of flowery lights not only looks great but also provides a customizable lighting experience. One of the standout features of these lights is their vibrant colors, which added a beautiful dash of color to my garden at night. I appreciate being able to customize the colors of the lights, allowing me to match them to the aesthetic of my garden. In terms of brightness, these lights are plenty bright enough to be seen from the street, enhancing the curb appeal of my home after dark. The solar-powered functionality is also a plus, providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.

Beautiful during the day and Even better at night time.

They made a lot of good choices when they put these lilies together. The material that they picked for the flowers shines through brightly on all the different colors. The material itself is bright in color so during the day they really stand out and at night they jump out. They picked good LED lights that are nice and bright and vibrant. Assembly is straightforward with this solar light all you have to do is stick a steak in the bottom turn the switch on the bottom of the panel and peel the plastic off find a sunny spot and stick it in the ground. Overall for the price these are a standout solar light I highly recommend them.

Value for money 💰

The product is as per our expectations.My son really liked it as he can bring his imagination to action and build it with ease.

Building Blocks for Kids
Yutika Malaviya
Lovely engagement for kids

I had gifted this to my friend's kid and he just loves it. He has been playing with it all the time since a week.

Useful for creativity mind and good time pass.

Thank you Amazon to this product. My children are very happy about this building toys. It's is very useful for children their creativity mind and good time pass.

Building Blocks for Kids
Pratap Singh Rathore
Nice Product

It is a good Product for children from age group 3-6 Years.
During lock down it kept my child busy and away from TV.

Building Blocks for Kids
Harsh Patel and Ankita Harsh Patel
Very good Product of Toys for kids 2 year to 7 years kids

Very good product for kids and also a safe with play.my wife and her nephew very happy with it so ,for their smile seen I am also happy.

Happy with product

My son liked the blocks the pieces are so colourful kids can make very creative things from it. Also it resembles more like legos so my son was very happy. Would recommend it.

Good n Kids Friendly

Blocks are good and kids friendly. Both of my kids loved the blocks and they can spend good time especially during this lockdown time. It helps them to keep away from TV and mobile.

Good buy, value for money.

My son really likes building blocks and he really enjoys playing with this set. There are lots of pieces, and he enjoys that he can build autombiles among other things. Good value product.

Building Blocks for Kids
Harikrishnan C.
Very decent quality and good value for Money

The building block have been neatly packed, and it had a large number of pieces ( didn't count). Kids sure like this to use more than the mega blocks. Happy and satisfied with the product.

Good sized, sturdy blocks. Happy with the purchase.

Absolutely satisfied with this purchase. The blocks are decently big, enough for 4 year olds to play and handle easily. Fixing of blocks is smooth and easy. Plastic quality is good too. Happy with the purchase.