Hydrogen Water Bottle, Portable Rechargeable Hydrogen Water Bottles Generator with SPE PEM Hydrogen Oxygen Separation Technology, 3 Min Quick Electrolysis, for Home Travel Office


【Improve Water Quality】: Hydrogen Water Bottle with SPE PEM hydrogen oxygen separation Technology to quickly generate up to 1500ppb (1.5 ppm) of hydrogen ions in a single cycle, separating and releasing H2, which helps ordinary drinking water to become alkaline water enriched with hydrogen ions.Adopting a new hydrogen oxygen separation technology, the oxygen, ozone and other gases produced by electrolysis are separated by proton membranes and discharged from the bottom exhaust hole.
【IMPORTANT!】: Before first use pour water below 80 degrees and soak for 30 minutes, then turn on the electrolysis for 3 minutes. After the electrolysis is completed, pour out the water and repeat the soaking operation 3-4 times, will get more bubbles.
【Food Grade Material】: Made of food-grade borosilicate glass, it is sturdy and durable and does not contain any harmful substances. The lid of the portable hydrogen water generator has a closed design and a thick sealing ring, which provides strong sealing and maintains the concentration of hydrogen. Don’t let leaks become your worry.
【Easy to Use and Clean】 : After pouring 60%-80% of the water into the hydrogen water cup. Just press lightly switch, the light on the bottom lights up and the hydrogen gas decomposes from the water. Equipped with a unique design, both the bottom and top can be easily unscrewed for easy cleaning, hydrogen water maker provide you with the best hydrogen-rich water experience.
【Optimal Water Source】: Please clean the hydrogen water bottle once or twice before use. Avoid pouring juice, milk, or tea. Pair our hydrogen water bottle with your preferred water choices—mineral water, spring water, alkaline water, and tap water. Note: Can’t use purified or distilled water.

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